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What makes Latino Book Fund unique?
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Positive Effect

The goal of Latino Book Fund is not only to distribute books to community college kids who need them, but our expanding goal is to ignite a passion for learning within our local community. It is clear when children develop a love of reading, they become better students and become more engaged in the world around them.

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Business Leaders

Another important goal of Latino Book Fund is to promote learning excellence among our community college students, who will ultimately transfer to University, where they will graduate and thereafter become business leaders.



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Help spark a roaring fire of public interest in serving our growing community. Your financial contribution to Latino Book Fund ("LBF") will help this tax exempt organization assist our hard-working students! Donations to LBF are tax deductible. This organization was created on August 19, 2013 and was granted tax-exempt status by the IRS on July 1, 2014.

Latino Book Fund ("LBF") fosters educational opportunities for children within our community!
Latino Book Fund Mission Statement

To provide monetary support to low-income students attending community college for the purchase of school books that will aid their timely transfer or matriculation to university. After securing adequate funding from the surrounding community, we will investigate the ability to implement one-on-one mentorship programs to these disadvantaged students, with the goal of matriculating them to university.

  • 7338 Latino students enrolled in LAVC

  • 242 Latino students transferred to CSU

  • 35 Latino students transferred to UC

Latino Book Fund's Board of Directors

Real people with real heart working for your child's success!

Raul C. Contreras

Leader, Guru, Soul-fly
This tireless advocate of legal rights parlayed his passion for justice and equality into a dream to provide educational opportunities among the latino community and beyond. Mr. Contreras has achieved his dream and now seeks the community’s donations to further help low-income students.

Steven Garza

Super-Human Man-Friday
A driven and highly focused community college graduate and legal services professional. Mr. Garza enjoys mentoring, training and guiding young adults to participate in local activities and creating successful partnerships among neighborhood members.

Kris A. Jeters

Research Sage
A law school educated legal services professional and prolific writer. Mr. Jeters promotes educational opportunities through focused outreach techniques and concomitant social action within the community to assist members in achieving individual empowerment.

Art Resendez

Paladin of the Realm
An accomplished leader with decades of developmental, supervisorial and underwriting experience in the commercial banking world. Mr. Resendez actively invests his time as a advisory committee member on the board of several community organizations.

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Honoring Individuals Who Do More with Less!

Contributions from Latino Book Fund ("LBF") helps individuals prepare for transfer to university - - which is no small task! This is why LBF recognizes the above-described students; each of whom have benefited from LBF's efforts by making a positive impact in their lives, and ultimately their communities, through each recipient's college preparedness.

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