03 – May 16, 2015 – Minutes

THE LATINO BOOK FUND, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, dated May 16, 2015

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above corporation was held on May 16, 2015 at 14156 Magnolia Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California at the corporation’s place of business.

President, Secretary and all board members present.

Board members at meeting:

Raul C. Contreras, Present.
Steve Garza, Present.
Lori Balderrama, Present.
Kris Jeters, Present.
Lucia Senda, Present.

Meeting Agenda:

See Notes: Discussion of time frame and tasks to accomplish to award first funds to Valley College TRIO students in spring semester 2016.

Stationary prices reviewed with everyone and approved for final ordering.

Steve: Continue with emails and list of accounts.

Lori: Continue with stationary quotes and commence inquiry into brochures. Continue with contact of political solicitations.

Lucia: Continue with creation of new accounts such as Facebook, Mailchimp, etc. Also, look to revise Application.

Kris: Continue with creation of Latino Book Fund website framework and web structure. Currently making adjustments to presentation and adding content.

Raul: Continue to improve solicitation letter and forward to all board members for final comments.

Mentor candidates idea reviewed. Board views as premature until budget for additional services agreed upon. Basic overview of solicitation letter agreed upon. Board requested a list of potential donors from all members to be emailed to Steve ASAP to add to our list.